About us

More than 500 million single-use plastic shampoo bottles are thrown away each year. Can you believe that!

Sustainable by design

At ScrubsUp we believe that clean people should not lead to a dirty planet. By coupling great design with a relentless drive for sustainability, we are creating products to make REUSE the new normal.

The ScrubsUp case and bars are the first step in a direction where ultimately the reusable option is also your most convenient option. Together we can make a small dent on this problem and stop producing so much waste.


Meet the Team

ScrubsUp Founders on Kickstarter

Roger (left) and David (right) founded ScrubsUp with a vision to offer a more sustainable shower routine. Both used shampoo bars but found it difficult to travel because it got mushy inside of a small case. Being engineers, we set out to design the ScrubsUp case to solve this problem. A couple of months and many 3D printed prototypes later, we decided that the best way to make an impact on the waste problem was for everyone to have access to more sustainable shower products, and so the solid shower revolution was born.