ScrubsUp a Mission Driven Company

What does it mean to be a mission driven company?

ScrubsUp started because we thought more people should be using simple low waste alternatives such as shampoo and conditioner bars. By defining ourselves as a mission driven company, we mean that we do not compromise on how we do things. Our philosophy is easily summarised

Clean. Convenient. Conscious.

We think that this vision executed at scale will support a more sustainable future. Reusable products with great design will attract more individuals to choose the sustainable alternative, simply because it does what they want it to do better.

Wildlife picture by Roger SccrubsUp


We believe that people should have access to high quality products to do simple things like keep themselves clean. The ScrubsUp bars are carefully crafted in the UK from quality ingredients. We are careful to select only the best ingredients for your hair and skin. Our shampoo bars have fresh scents which won't irritate the skin.


The ScrubsUp case is designed to maximise functionality. We always had in mind that it would be for people on the move. It would help people looking for a sustainable alternative to bring their bar with them anywhere and everywhere.


All of the materials and ingredients we use are responsibly sourced and selected to be low waste and have minimal impact on our planet. The ScrubsUp case is designed to be long lasting and it is made from durable ingredients. Even the packaging for our bars is biodegradable and is made using carbon balanced production.

This is our mission. To fulfill this mission we do not compromise. Holding these 3 simple words at the center of everything we are confident we will help more people make the shift to sustainable alternatives.